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At a tender age of just 12 years, Dr. Gandhi's young and curious mind raised a question "how people must be communicating before the arrival of languages?" He did not get satisfactory answer to his question from his surroundings, friends, teachers; it acted as a trigger to his thoughts and thus FaceComm and DanceComm were bornt. Later on with better synchronisation and logic, expressions were developed. As per the logic of facial gestures, suitable script was developed. Consequently, FaceComm got unified and became an accurate and universal language.


Dr. Sharad Gandhi invented FaceComm and DanceComm and become the first person on this planet earth to communicate completely with facial gestures silently. He is an astute inventor, visionary, entrepreneur, leader and multidimensional personality. Dr. Sharad Gandhi is the Founder Chairman of Seven Stars Group. He is the publisher and chief editor of renowned ‘Diamond City’ News Paper and ‘Seven Stars Worldwide’ magazine. He is the Partner of group's real estate arm - ‘Diamond CIty Properties.’ He is also heading group's financial services cooperative outfit -‘Diamond City Urban Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.’
He earned Honorary Doctorate from prestigious UK based World Record University chosen among few inventors worldwide for inventing FaceComm-Facial Communication System. He is holding more than 23 National & International records for his outstanding invention, performed in more than 1500 live shows worldwide and  vastly covered by major television channels and print media globally.
He is Founder Chairman of non-profitable organization- ‘Seven Stars Foundation.’ Not only this, his personality has many other shining dimensions. He is an avid poet, writer, performer, motivator, hypnotherapist, orator and social contributor.


FaceComm - Facial Communication System

DanceComm – Dance Communication System


Unique Comm Pvt. Ltd.

Seven Stars Media Pvt. Ltd.

Diamond City Urban Credit Co-op Society Ltd.


         Vice Chairman         

Direct Bazaar Pvt. Ltd.


Publisher & Chief Editor

Diamond City News Paper

Seven Stars Worldwide Magazine



Seven Stars Foundation

Dasha Sosarathiya Vanik Samaj, Surat



Seven Stars Amazing Records Pvt. Ltd.


Diamond CIty Properties

Re-Invent- Hypnosis-Wellness-Healing

Seven Stars Finance

Creative Concepts 



Lotus International

Dynamic Education

Maa Amrita Charitable trust


Poet, Writer & Hypnotist


Bharat Gandhi is accompanying Dr. Gandhi since inception of this unique invention FaceComm. He has learned and championed this special method of communication. Along with Dr. Gandhi, Bharat has performed in more than 1500 live shows of FaceComm worldwide including UK, Dubai and Vietnam. He is also holding more than 25 national and international records, appeared on television shows and cover vastly by print and electronic media.

He is one of the partners in 'Diamond City Properties' real estate firm and Director in ‘Diamond City Urban Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.’ He is also actively serving as trustee of ‘Seven Stars Foundation’. Moreover he is having 15 years of vast national-international event management experience.



FaceComm Facial Communication System

DanceComm – Dance Communication System


Vice Chairman

Unique Comm Pvt. ltd.    



DC Urban Credit Co-op. Soc. Ltd.



Seven Stars Foundation



Lotus International

Diamond City Properties

 Intellectual Property

FaceComm's Intellectual Property Rights including Patent ( PATENT APP NO. - 201621001651 ). 

Copyright and Trademark are already protected.

Face Speaks Everything


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