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Investor's Page

 Super Opportunity for Investors


Invention and creation of FaceComm has been a mammoth task and Dr. Gandhi leaved no stone unturned to bring it to light and showcase the world. It is growing steadily with Gandhi duo's dedicated efforts. It is highly useful and having immense potential which can be boon to mankind. In this journey to make iet available and beneficial to the people at large. 

 Corporate Identity

Unique Comm Pvt. Ltd. is a Gujarat, India based new age company which harnesses, materializes and promotes inventions. We are relentlessly working in the field of research and development in various fields spearheaded by Dr. Sharad Gandhi. FaceComm (Communication through facial gestures) and DanceComm (Communication through Dance) are flagship inventions in this mission. Both inventions are in the field of non-verbal communication and the unprecedented in entire human history.

 Highly Useful Invention

FaceComm is a unique non-verbal silent language of multi-utility, one of its kind on our planrt earth. It's a complete and universal language that can be adapted to all other existing languages, provided communicator knows the language. FaceComm is highly potential invention in the field of silent communication. It can be used in Secret services, Defense, Education and Entertainment sectors and benefit people at large.

 Unique and Remarkable Opportunity for Shareholders

Through Unique Comm Pvt. Ltd., we offer once in a lifetime opportunity for investors to invest in one of its kind IP protected invention- FaceComm, which has great social and commercial values looking at its worldwide usefullness & utilities. We are inviting investors to invest in the form of private equity which will make them partners in the growth of FaceComm. It is a limited opportunity for chosen few available within stipulated short span of time.

It is our privilege and pleasure to extend warm welcome to eminent personalities, celebrities, intellectuals, scholars, professionals, academicians, business people, investors and all interested parties & individuals to participate in acquiring equity of this unique invention and benefits. They will get recurring and accumulated benefits on their investment. Everyone’s invited in the growth journey of FaceComm and avail once in a lifetime opportunity.


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