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 The Indian Express

They do not use their hands or any other part of their body while communicating with each other.....Just their faces. One can actually test them by writing a sentence on a piece of paper and giving it to one of them. He uses his "Face Language" to communicate the contents to the others. And the other writes down the same sentence on another papaer completely with all punctuation marks.


                                                                                                               - The Indian Express (Mumbai), July  17, 1996

 Divya Bhaskar

Worldwide contribution in various fields by  Dr,. Sharad Gandhi

 Saurashtra Samachar

If Sharad Gandhi recieves encouragement from the government, it will bw no wonder if this language is recognized internationally.

                                                                                                          - Saurashtra Samchar (Bhavnagar), November 19, 1989

 Saurashtra Samachar

Dr. Sharad Gandhi & Bharat Gandhi have profound Mahua village worldwide

 Divya Bhaskar

 The sign langauge invented at an age of just 12 years is been rewarded by Honoraray Doctorate Degree by UK World Record University in Vietnam

 Divya Bhaskar

Sharad Gandhi of Mahua, Gujarat has been honored with doctorate degree

 Sang, Vietnam

Article on Doctorate degree ceremony published in Vietnam newspaper- SANG

 Diamond City

UK stated World Record University have given prestigious Doctorate Degree


New discovery in the world of art

 Namaskar magazine

Here Silence speaks !

 Mumbai Samachar

Origin of amazing language- "Silent gestured language"

 Rajasthan Patrika

Without speaking !

 Mid - Day

Sharad GAndhi has invented a kind of "Facial Communication Language", in which he uses a dictionary of expressions which only nephew Bharat Gandhi can understand. A new sign language that uses only Facial Expressionsd !!!

                                                                         - Mid -Day (Mumbai) September 18, 1996

 Bombay Times

The novel language is set to make waves in the city. The facial communication langauge can be extended to assist the education of the deaf and dumb, and to enable communication without a language barrier as we know it.

                                                                                                                      - Bombay Times 

 Express Newsline

Inventor of a facial communication language which deploys only facial muscles, eyes & ears !

 Gujarat Mitra

The silent language of this duo will leave you agape in wonder !

                                                                                                                       - Gujarat Mitra, July 12, 1993


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