Dr. Sharad Gandhi


International fame, inventor of FaceComm and DanceComm - Dr. Sharad Gandhi recieved honorary doctorate from UK University. More than 15 years of experience in publication in gems and jewellery industry. more than 1500 stage performance worldwide, 25 World Records holder, successful running tenure as Chief Editor of Diamond City News paper and 7Stars Worldwide magazine.

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 Mr. Bharat Gandhi


15 years of vast National & International event management experience. International fame and popularity accompanying Dr. Sharad Gandhi in FaceComm and DanceComm. More than 1500 stage performances worldwide. 21 World Records holder, vast experience of marketing and sales.                                

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 Mr. Saheb Gandhi


The name itself reflects the diplomatic nature of this young dynamic personality - Mr. Saheb Gandhi. Asute & Veteran leader at a very tender age of 17, with a keen sense of business and imagination, he is firmly supporting his father. Dr. Gandhi who says, his mind is full of scientific temper and who always comes to ask me. "Pappa,, why is ..........?" and when I say "I don't know, son", he then tells me the answer !

 Mr. Manish Tomar

Insight to analyze projects in global perspective and make it successful. 15 years experience in media, advertising, marketing, events, international business and corporate world. An author, columnist, management and sales expert. Inclined to build customer relationship.

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