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 Advancement in Deaf and Dumb Sign Language

Upon its educative value it may help to advance deaf and dumb sign language to communicate with each other easily, and the mute ones can express their needs and desires and can pass any important information lying with them and can put the questions and interrogations to another. It can become ideal medium for deaf and dumb where they can communicate completely using only their facial gestures even without use of hands. It can be customized and make it compatible for deaf and dumb people. Today, according to WHO, there is over 5% of the world's population – 360 million people – has disabling with hearing loss, and thus FaceComm can be a boon for them.

 Educative Utility

Facial Communication System can be taught as a non verbal communication subject in schools. Like many other subjects of language and communication, FaceComm has potential to be introduced as a non verbal communication subject. It will help students to learn something very interesting and new.

 Secret Services and Defense Sector

Upon its Secret Services, defence and law and order values, the secrecy of any important message shall be maintained by assigning different type of gestures for the cause not having synonymity with the general ones. Wherever secret messaging has to be done, FaceComm is useful. Expressive FaceComm and its special script can be used as medium to communicate secret messages. Using technology with cameras and binoculars, secret messages can be transmitted easily and decoded.

 Entertainment - Events & Live Shows

FaceComm is an amazing art with huge entertainment value which provides both motivation and entertainment as a combinational show. ‘Silent Talk Show’ - is an entertainment program loved by all age group irrespective of geographic locations. With more than 1500 live shows,
Gandhi duo have become well-known celebrities today. Their program is loved by millions of people across the globe. FaceComm is the major source of income for Unique Comm.


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